Quotes from Harold

Quotes from Harold Washington- Archives

“I have been urged by the earnest pleas of thousands of people to enter this race. Therefore, I hereby declare my candidacy for Mayor of Chicago.”

I cannot watch the city of Chicago be destroyed by petty politics and bad government.”

“Business as usual will not be accepted by the people of this city.”

“Business as usual will not be accepted by this chief executive of this great city.”

Chicago is one city. We shall work as one people for our common good and our common goals.”

“Our concern is to heal. Our concern is to bring together.”

“I want to be a mayor who helped, really helped.”

“Let’s go to work. Thank you.


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Quotes from Harold Washington 

“We must Plump the whole community.”

“The best of minds would be volunteers”

“In our ethnic and racial diversity, we are all brothers and sisters in a quest for greatness.  Our creativity and energy are unequalled by any city anywhere in the world.”


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